Floraporna: Celebrating the Fine Art of Flornography

by Ned Wolf

Floraporna is a high-production-valued presentation of many of Western Australia’s flowers. This book of macro-photography takes a light-hearted, playful approach to comment of the sensual beauty of each flower. The colourful images seek to display the unusual, bold and graphic elements of the botanical diversity of the Southwest Region of Western Australia. This unique approach facilitates the presentation of floral diversity to a widely divergent audience.

The Therapeutae Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-0-9675575-3-3
5.75 x 7”
86 pages
81 full-color images and poetic descriptions

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Floraporna front cover

flor-nog-ra-phy \ flôr-näg-re-fē n [NL, fr. L Flora, Roman Goddess of flowers + graphein to write;] the deptiction of plant life (as in pictures or writing) intended to enhance sensual appreciation — flor•no•grap•hic adj — flor•no•graph•i•cal•ly adv

Floral floosies flaunting.
Gowns adorned with colours that yearn to draw you closer.
Piercings that say, "Say away"...
Tomorrow's children couched in fans of colour.