On Religion

Some people ask me if I’m religious. I’m of the belief that each of us has an individual relationship with the Universal Consciousness—God—that each of us has our own religion. My religion requires that I accept that I’m a being of power, existing in many dimensions at once. Seeing myself in such light, my religion requires that I see you similarly illuminated. Some days I’d rather blame you and feel sorry for myself than see you as a being of good intent.

My religion asks me to respect my individuality and yours. It requires me to accept that my power resides in the present moment, and to access that power, I must perceive myself both within and beyond the framework of time and space.

I am an eternal being, with the power to listen, to speak, to know, claim my power, to feel and heal. Life is a gift, not a curse. My body is delightfully suited to my environment. In my life, I am the only being with the power to create my experience. Joy and well-being are the natural state. If I experience pain, it is the natural world telling me I am using my consciousness to focus on some distorted idea. Since I have power to create pain, I certainly have the power to heal it. To heal my fear of pain I have come to trust in my power to heal.

The healing process always reveals limitations in my thinking that are the cause of imbalance. All imbalance originates from some compromise in my self-expression or self-respect, or both. Once I get the message that a pain seeks to deliver, the pain moves on and I experience healing.

I trust in the idea that each of us is here to express our unique contribution humankind’s growth. The unique, powerful being of each individual is a contribution. The act of being is a contribution. And each of us is passionate about wanting to express our multidimensional self, our talents and abilities and our unique contributions to support our collective evolution. None of us need be pushed or punished into making that contribution. Many of us learn, as we travel this adventure of becoming, that pursuing our unique ideals requires us to use only those means that are consistent with our ideals. To do otherwise costs not only our self-respect, but diminishes our ideal as well.

You will find these ideas expanded within the pages of The Nandia Trilogy. You will find more on YouTube at Nandia Trilogy:the power of “U”.