Expanding Inner Powers; an excerpt from Book Two, “Nandia’s Apparition”

Everyone was pleased to remain together for the rest of the evening. It was as if we had become a family, long separated and finally getting to enjoy a holiday together. Traferra joined me cleaning up in the kitchen, where I introduced an idea that might help the girl recover her telepathic abilities.

“I think you’ll be interested, Traferra, in a lesson that my mentor, Agoragon, spent hours teaching me,” I said as I passed dishes for her to dry and stack.

“Oh, please, Bearns, I am quite anxious to learn more,” she replied.

“You’re aware that you are in truth a being of energy that exists throughout eternity?”

“Oh yes, El and Arcturus are helping me with that and get impatient when I doubt or get discouraged with my mistakes.”

“Well, I would like to suggest that the Inner, Eternal Traferra sends to your conscious mind all manner of supporting impulses. As nudges toward action, these may arrive as ideas, images, urges or feelings.

“When learning to listen to your Inner Self’s impulses, you will become conscious of beliefs you’ve adopted that shut out these impulses. One of mine that took a while to see was the belief that an impulse must make sense before I could allow myself to accept it. Another blocking belief may be that you don’t deserve to hear from your all knowing, all powerful self. These are several of many possible blocking beliefs.

“The challenge I offer you is to identify all the beliefs that block your conscious mind from receiving the impulses from your Inner Self. As you do this, you can make conscious choices to replace limiting beliefs with more constructive ones. You will then find yourself more easily recognizing these inner impulses.”

I wanted Traferra to think over my suggestions. So, we silently puttered around the kitchen, putting clean dishes to rest in their assigned spots. She wiped countertops, I swept the floors. As we dried out hands, I resumed my tutorial.

“You also need to realize that you have a choice to make with each incoming impulse. They are not sent to your conscious mind so that you blindly accept each nudge. They arrive when they do for you to consider how you want to express each impulse within the context of present moment events. You must exercise your free will in a way that reflects your greatest self respect and self expression. Just because you’ve received an impulse does not obligate you to act upon it. However you must be capable of receiving the impulses to exercise your power of choice. Are you following  me?”

“Oh yes, this is very useful,” she replied.

“Very good. I want you to remember that we all experience negative, destructive impulses from time to time. Negative impulses occur when you have suppressed constructive impulses. The suppressed energy must find a way to restore its flow. If impeded for too long, it may manifest as a negative nudge until you awaken to that you are suppressing a positive one. I find it quite useful, whenever encountering a destructive impulse, to ask my subconscious to reveal the suppressed constructive impulse. Sometimes the response is so quick that I can easily overlook it.”

With a smile and a nod, Traferra acknowledged that she understood.

“Now, as you expand your consciousness of the Inner Traferra’s impulses, you will come to trust one of the great laws of the universe, the law of spontaneity. You will come to trust the power to express yourself in the present moment. Self-doubt will fall away like autumn leaves being chased away by the wind. Your self-respect will grow and your natural, inner abilities will too. The doorway to your natural intuition will open and your awareness of the more subtle levels of feeling will expand. Your conscious mind will delight in its ability to operate both in the physical world and in the realms of spirit. This lesson is one of melding your intellect with your intuition. Quite easily you will find that telepathic experiences become much clearer and more frequent.”

Spontaneously hugging me, Traferra warmly said, “I’m so thankful for your wisdom, Bearns,” she softly kissed my cheek. “You can be sure I’ll be asking Nandia, El and Arcturus to help me with this as well.”

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  1. Hello Ned- I was thinking about you and found your website. I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten you and appreciate the help you gave me more than 20 years ago now. I still use some of the self-healing methods you taught me. It sounds as if your life is going well. I’m glad. Love and blessings to you, Bonnie

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