Introduction to “Nandia’s Copper”

Ned Wolf, author of Nandia’s Trilogy, introducing the first of the series, Nandia’s Copper.

I have served thousands of clients over the past 30 years as a natural healer, counsellor and medicinal dowser. It is from these decades of experience that I draw many of the amazing healings and breakthroughs described in Nandia’s Copper. It is the tale of a small group of courageous healers who take on the daunting task of bringing a deadly Saragella epidemic to its knees in the Fatibbian city of Geasa.

It is a time in humanity’s future when a few determined individuals have come to accept the individual’s power to heal any imbalance. And, having reached this state of consciousness, they have found many other doors opening that access the incredible potential of the human being. Over time, their skills become known to the Galactic Council, a committee of beings of many species who have seen civilizations evolve to the point they have given up societies based on avarice and fear, and have grown to move past warfare and taken up the mantle of ensuring that each individual citizen has the freedom to discover and express their own unique talents, abililties and contributions to their world’s evolution.


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  1. This introduction is intriguing and I enjoyed it very much.
    Nandia’s Copper will be in my Amazon wishlist so that I will have it as soon as possible
    Thank you for the opportunity to discover this world ~

  2. A sweet, gentle and lovely story with many words of wisdom for us all, jointly and as individuals. Given the current state of affairs in this country and the world, this book is is especially poignant today. It’s definitely a special ” keeper”. A friend to mark in and place on your shelf for future reference.

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