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The Therapeutae Press publishes The Nandia Trilogy: Nandia’s Copper, Nandia’s Apparition and Nandia’s Children, by author Ned Wolf. Also published by Therapeutae Press: Miss Chinn’s Extraordinary School for Death Mentors (A sequel to The Nandia Trilogy), Awaken Your Power to Heal, and Sailing on a Banshee Wind.

Miss Chinn’s Extraordinary School for Death Mentors

Miss Chinn’s Extraordinary School for Death Mentors front cover featuring a castle filled wiht light on a cloudy and mist-covered mountain.

THROUGHOUT THE AGES, many of the living have been deeply troubled by death. We have been taught to fear dying. Our mythologies and superstitions portray the supposed end of life as fearsome, capricious and monstrous. And yet…it has been said by sages that death is the last great enemy to be overcome.

Throughout the ages, there have walked among us those who willingly have extended their lifetimes. They have remained beyond their allotted span within the web of human incarnations in order to be of assistance to those troubled when passing into the great beyond.

And throughout the ages, there have been institutions to help educate those of us who wish to guide the dying through the process of going home gently, lovingly and playfully. Miss Chinn’s Extraordinary School is such a place.

These are the tales of a beloved veteran death mentor who, in his final days of service is assigned to provide a guidebook for initiates wishing to enter their apprenticeships.

The Nandia Trilogy

Nandia's Copper front cover
Nandia's Apparition front cover
Nandia's Children front cover

THERE WAS A TIME in humankind’s future when the species populated planets within many galaxies. Some societies had evolved to the point where a few individuals were capable of telepathy, teleportation and effective healing. On these planets, the nurturing of individual talents and abilities was given the highest priority. These were societies where effective healing was commonplace — where the human lifespan usually exceeded three centuries.

And yet, most planets had not evolved in this manner. In these societies warfare was the religion. Much of their propaganda was devoted to idealizing war. Addiction rates were at epidemic level — mental, emotional and physical epidemics a way of life. Environmental degradation was the norm, species extinction rates were high. Education had devolved into preaching superstition and greed. Economies were based on competition, not cooperation. The divide between the haves and the have nots was extreme. Most of the civilizations on these planets self-destructed.

It was the purpose of the Galactic Grand Council to locate and train competent individuals to serve as delegates to these troubled planets. Their mission? To intervene during the vulnerable years when a society was most likely to self-destruct. The Council had neither military might, nor could impose economic sanctions. What it did have was a small cadre of dedicated delegates. Some of these unusual people died during their missions. A few of them were able to inspire civilizations to trust in the power of the individual and embrace life-sustaining lifestyles.

The Nandia Trilogy recounts the intriguing adventures of an extraordinary team of these Council delegates.

Awaken Your Power to Heal

Awaken Your Power to Heal. 3D image of book front cover featuring 3 flowers and puple background with gold title font.

…YOU AND I ARE MORE THAN WE THINK WE ARE, more than we can possibly conceive. I’ve watched hundreds of people safely walk across eight-hundred-degree coals. I’ve witnessed clients heal chronic, supposedly incurable conditions in a heartbeat and release decades-long debilitating emotions in a thrice. I’ve watched hundreds of us manifest our thoughts in such a way that reality immediately reflects our intentions. All of this points to nothing if it doesn’t point to the fact that each of us is far more than an individualized human being existing within the bounds of time and space. We are unlimited, eternal beings, each capable of bringing greater dimensions of the Self to the here and now…

… Remember, every pain indicates that you have withheld energy in some way. You are blocking its natural flow. And whenever you have withheld energy from someone else, you also withhold energy from yourself, on the same pretext. (If I cannot love myself as I work through lessons of dishonesty, I will condemn you for your dishonesties.)…

… our physical bodies are constantly sending us messages for the purpose of restoring health. Our bodies are the means by which the Inner Self is sending impulses to the conscious mind—impulses that will naturally lead to a greater expression of our talents, abilities, contributions and purposes. These impulses are often feelings, urgings, impressions, visualizations and even ideas. Each one is meant to merge our intuitions with our intellect, rather than allowing either to dominate the other…

… As we grow in our openness to energy and healing, we naturally rediscover that everywhere life is beautiful. If anything, beauty is consistent. Deep within every expression exists that spark of All That Is that inspires us deeply. And all too often we despair at what we believe is the permanent loss of our ability to perceive inspiration. Yet all of us truly want to expand beauty in this world, and be creative. We seek to grow and heal!

Set in the distant future, “Nandia’s Copper” is the tale of several Galactic Council delegates who have been sent to remedy a deadly epidemic that gnaws at the heart of the city of Geasa. To overcome this crisis, these delegates employ alternative healing, dreamtime journeys and telepathy amidst a backdrop of social unrest and religious persecution.

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Nandia's Apparition front cover

Once again, Nandia and Bernard find themselves in a mission beset with uncertainty and danger. King Sabre of planet Aesir is haunted by the ghost of his father and becomes unhinged. Merchant starships are being plucked out of the sky by privateers. Is this the beginning of a coup d’état? With the help of an immortal chambermaid and a teleporting cat, Berns and Nandia must unravel this mess before King Sabre, and the planet Aesir itself, self-destruct.

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Nandia's Children front cover

In this, the final saga of The Nandia Trilogy, Nandia has become a hunted villainess on the planet Praesepe. Erylian beseigers are kidnapping young Praesepians and shielding telepathic messages. Can Bearns, Elli and Dunstan arrive in time to thwart the end to Nandia’s home planet.

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Ned Wolf guests on "Adventures in Dowsing" podcast,
hosted by Grahame Gardner of The British Society of Dowsers

Tyler Woods and Author Ned Wolf:
"Psychoneuroimmunology and Depression"


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Delightful and profound.

I enjoyed these books so much, on the surface it’s a delightful story with engaging characters and an interesting plot. This is a bit deceptive however, as the real joy of the books is the wisdom and truth that find their way into every encounter.   avidreader (Amazon 5-star review/verified purchase)

...helped open my mind.

The book, Nandia’s Copper, helped open my mind enough to help me overcome some of the narrowness of my thinking and as I continue thinking and reflecting on the story I’m able to see further. It took me a long way in a very short time. I look forward to reading the rest of the Trilogy.  —Lee P. 

Fun and adventure filled story!

Adventure and mystery abound in this 1st book of the Nandia’s Trilogy. Lovable characters and a story that makes you not want to put the book down until you find out how they made it through the twists and turns they are faced with along their path. Especially enjoyed the abilities the characters have mastered to communicate with each other and travel to bring about healing to others. Also, how the author portrays each of them makes you want to go along on the adventure and learn these special ways of healing. Can’t wait for the next book to come out!   Suzanne (Amazon 5-star review)

Excellent read.

“Nandia’s Copper” is a delightful read. It is a magical and insightful story. It has and interesting, engaging story line and well developed characters. I very much enjoyed it and felt many of its concepts would be useful in our world today.   TaLee (Amazon 5-star review/verified purchase)

A great adventure awaits!

A great adventure awaits! It’s a fast-moving plot, with inexpected twists, charming characters — it’s one of my new favorite books. I think readers from any age group will enjoy.   –Bridget (reader-submitted 5-star review)

I didn't want it to end.

The future seems so familiar in Ned Wolf’s fantastic tale. There are villeins and dangers to overcome just as time is about to run out on the human race. The delightful difference between this and other books of this genre is that the heroine and hero, Nandia and Bernard, instead of bombs and bluster, use their wit and personal magic to save the day. It’s a great read, a real page turner. I look forward to the last 2 books in the trilogy.   Jerry Downs (Amazon 5-star review)

I find these books very uplifting and lightening to my spirit...

Thank you for your thought provoking articles — that I look forward to receiving in my email.

Also, I wish to express my gratitude to you for gifting me with Book one of the Nandia Series. I so enjoyed reading Book I  which definitely was a page turner. It is a book, rich in wisdom with a  wealth of wonderful tips that I really appreciated as an amateur dowser for a number of years now, who also is aspiring to increase my intuitive and self-healing skills as well as a bit of telepathic capability.  The teleporting may have to wait till my next incarnation, but in the mean time, I  never cease to be amazed at all the little synchronicities in my days and encounters, including being led to your website (simply out of curiosity) even though I missed attending your presentation at the San Jose Dowsers meeting.

I particularly love all the beautiful examples of how to approach problems with a loving, open & creative mind to effect a win-win for all concerned; and how to peacefully & very skillfully enter into a relationship with others with compassion & respect, to facilitate trust and willingness to open up to the love & assistance being offered.

I am also quite pleased that my husband took an interest this week in reading the first book after I completed it.  And now I’m off on the journey of experiencing more adventure and wisdom in  Book II of this very special series of books you have authored, with Book III waiting in the wings to be read & experienced as well in good time.   They may look small in size,  but they are mighty in substance!  HOW WELCOME  they are — as tools for living on this ‘wild and wooly’ planet.

I might add that now that I’ve finished Nandia’s Copper & am currently engrossed in the 2nd book of this series,  I’ve noticed that both my husband and I, are taking advantage of more frequent free moments in our days,  to read another chapter or two.  I find these books very uplifting and lightening to my spirit – which is so welcome in a world where our news media & so many movies produced, seem to focus so heavily on promoting fear, more polarity, more cynicism, which can so easily drain one’s energy instead of uplifting one’s spirit.

With much gratitude,